Thursday, September 4, 2014

News: Man Builds Giant Ass, Farts On France

Well, sort of. Says the chap, Colin Furze:
"With some pulse jets noise kinda resembling a strained prolonged fart i suggest we build the biggest jet ive ever built and house it behind a giant butt, point it towards France on the 24th of july and hope some un-expecting frenchman laying on calais bench chuffs on his onion ice cream at the racket coming across the water from Angleterre."
And he did.

Click the pic below to find out what happened. Many thanks to Cleve Sharpe for the link.

Redhead Uses Fake "Ginger Discount Card" To Con Local Businesses

If they're dumb enough to accept it, more power to him.
Redhead Uses Fake "Ginger Discount Card" To Con Local Businesses

ABERDEEN, Scotland, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- A red-haired Scot has been saving money using a well-made, but obviously fake, "Ginger Discount Card" for over four years.

When Richard Macrae turned 26, a friend gave him a laminated orange card with his picture and personal information below the words "Ginger Discount Card."

Four years later, Macrae, who's grown to resemble a red-headed Guy Fawkes, regularly uses the card to save money on everything from drinks to transportation.

"I ask if they do the ginger discount, and when they look confused I slide across my card," the 30-year-old explained to The Scotsman. "Usually everyone gets the humor behind it, some people look confused and wonder if it's real which is always a laugh, but most get the joke. I've saved a couple of hundred pounds maybe, with money off booze, taxis, food and club entries -- over four years it fairly builds up."

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21 Of The Awkwardest Awkward Dad Photos Of The Day

And my kid thinks I'm embarrassing.

Road Rage Of The Day

Well that was unexpected.


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