Monday, November 17, 2014

WTF Product Of The Day: Nutshell

This reminds of me of how toddlers think if they can't see you, you can't see them. Never mind that this will draw more attention to you in a crowd than you would ever get normally.
From Ecouterre:
For those of us who get easily overwhelmed, we have just the solution to offer you some peace and quiet, maybe even a chance to eat your lunch without being interrupted, a literal way to block out all the hubbub and a way to find inner calm. Nutshell is the work of design student Eden Lew, who sought to create a product and tools for people to take productive breaks. More than just a fold out fabric shell that acts as a physical barrier, Nutshell also works with a connected mobile app to help you meditate and peace out in solitude.
Or you could just find a bathroom like normal people do and go hide in a stall for free until you get over your little panic attack.

Classic Album Covers Extended To Reveal Background Action (Of The Day)

From Bored Panda: "Digital music distribution is making music less expensive and more widely available, but it is also slowly killing the album cover as an art form. To pay homage to this vanishing art form, Aptitude, a web design company, created a fun series of images that imagine what the covers of some of our favorite albums might have looked like if they were expanded a bit."

Rap Battle Of The Day: Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters

Positrons don't react like that.


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